C++ – How to remove the VS warning C4091: ‘typedef ‘ : ignored on left of ‘SPREADSHEET’ when no variable is declared


This warning is triggered multiple times in my code by the same declaration, which reads :

// Spreadsheet structure
typedef struct SPREADSHEET
      int ID;               // ID of the spreadsheet    
      UINT nLines;          // Number of lines

      void CopyFrom(const SPREADSHEET* src)
           ID = src->ID;
           nLines = src->nLines;

I don't want to just turn off that warning,

but rather change the code so that the warning doesn't come up !

NOTE : I don't want to declare any variables here (it's a header file), only define what the struct 'SPREADSHEET' should include…

Best Solution

Delete typedef. It's the C way of declaring structs, C++ does it automatically for you.

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