C# – How to set the position of the datagrid scrollbar in the winforms app


In my C# winforms app, I have a datagrid. When the datagrid reloads, I want to set the scrollbar back to where the user had it set. How can I do this?

EDIT: I'm using the old winforms DataGrid control, not the newer DataGridView

Best Solution

You don't actually interact directly with the scrollbar, rather you set the FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex. So before it reloads, capture that index, once it's reloaded, reset it to that index.

EDIT: Good point in the comment. If you're using a DataGridView then this will work. If you're using the old DataGrid then the easiest way to do that is to inherit from it. See here: Linkage

The DataGrid has a protected GridVScrolled method that can be used to scroll the grid to a specific row. To use it, derive a new grid from the DataGrid and add a ScrollToRow method.

C# code

public void ScrollToRow(int theRow)
    // Expose the protected GridVScrolled method allowing you
    // to programmatically scroll the grid to a particular row.
    if (DataSource != null)
        GridVScrolled(this, new ScrollEventArgs(ScrollEventType.LargeIncrement, theRow));