C# – How to toggle (Expand/Collapse) group data in rdlc


In my rdlc report,I want to show my group data just like this example–

enter image description here

When I click (+) sign group data under the name will expand and When I click (-) sign group data under the name will collapse.I find resources for SSRS report, but nothing useful for rdlc report in recent times.So I followed in my rdlc according to those SSRC report resources if i can get some result.I followed this two specially–

  1. SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS)
  2. Expand or Collapse All Grouped Items on SSRS Report

    I took a table.take "GROUP2" as row details.add group parent "GROUP1" for "GROUP2".Like—

enter image description here

I select group properties for "GROUP2" like–

enter image description here

then i set visibility hide for "GROUP2" , checked "display can be toggled by this group item" and select "GROUP1" as item.like–

enter image description here

It gives me report like this–

enter image description here

there is "GROUP1" item visible, "GROUP2" is hidden but no (+) or (-) sign or button to expand or collapse group data.

Any one have any idea,What i am missing? or how can i do this in rdlc report like the top example of this question and also i want to set button for "Expand All" and "Collapse All" for this report.

EDIT: I am using asp.net mvc, web api-2 controller.I am tring to get report in pdf format.

Best Solution

First you need to select your column/row group and select group properties.

From your RDLC column right click

And then select the grouping item from your DataSource

RDLC Group properties/Selecting Group Item from Datasource

There you go:

Before expanding of group Before expanding

After expanding of group After Expanding

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