C# – How to UrlEncode without using System.Web


I am trying to write a windows client application that calls a web site for data. To keep the install to a minimum I am trying only use dlls in the .NET Framework Client Profile. Trouble is that I need to UrlEncode some parameters, is there an easy way to do this without importing System.Web.dll which is not part of the Client Pofile?

Best Solution

System.Uri.EscapeUriString() can be problematic with certain characters, for me it was a number / pound '#' sign in the string.

If that is an issue for you, try:

System.Uri.EscapeDataString() //Works excellent with individual values

Here is a SO question answer that explains the difference:

What's the difference between EscapeUriString and EscapeDataString?

and recommends to use Uri.EscapeDataString() in any aspect.