C# – How to use reflection to call a generic method


What's the best way to call a generic method when the type parameter isn't known at compile time, but instead is obtained dynamically at runtime?

Consider the following sample code – inside the Example() method, what's the most concise way to invoke GenericMethod<T>() using the Type stored in the myType variable?

public class Sample
    public void Example(string typeName)
        Type myType = FindType(typeName);

        // What goes here to call GenericMethod<T>()?
        GenericMethod<myType>(); // This doesn't work

        // What changes to call StaticMethod<T>()?
        Sample.StaticMethod<myType>(); // This also doesn't work

    public void GenericMethod<T>()
        // ...

    public static void StaticMethod<T>()

Best Solution

You need to use reflection to get the method to start with, then "construct" it by supplying type arguments with MakeGenericMethod:

MethodInfo method = typeof(Sample).GetMethod(nameof(Sample.GenericMethod));
MethodInfo generic = method.MakeGenericMethod(myType);
generic.Invoke(this, null);

For a static method, pass null as the first argument to Invoke. That's nothing to do with generic methods - it's just normal reflection.

As noted, a lot of this is simpler as of C# 4 using dynamic - if you can use type inference, of course. It doesn't help in cases where type inference isn't available, such as the exact example in the question.