C# – How to use simple TCP/IP sockets connection over Net.TCP WCF binding


How to use simple TCP/IP sockets connections over/with Net.TCP WCF binding?
Idea is – We have a web service with Net.TCP binding on some URL, port. We want to take advantage of the WCF address model and simplicity of socket connections.
So can we use simple TCP/IP sockets connection over/with Net.TCP WCF binding?

If yes.
What do I need?

  • MSDN if there is any help on this.
  • Open Source Libs/wrappers.
  • Tutorials and blog articles on How to do it.

If no: I need know where did you get the information from (link to MSDN or other official WCF information resource).

Best Solution

I think you are looking for this - How to use socket based client with WCF (net.tcp) service?

The way I see it you want to feed from wcf service with a socket object (correct me if I got it wrong)... I haven't done it (just read it)

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