C# – Ignore mapping one property with Automapper


I'm using Automapper and I have the following scenario:
Class OrderModel has a property called 'ProductName' that isn't in the database.
So when I try to do the mapping with:

Mapper.CreateMap<OrderModel, Orders>(); 

It generates an exception :

"The following 1 properties on Project.ViewModels.OrderModel are not mapped: 'ProductName'

I've read at AutoMapper's Wiki for Projections the opposite case (the extra attribute is on the destination, not in the source which is actually my case )

How can I avoid automapper to make the mapping of this property?

Best Solution

From Jimmy Bogard: CreateMap<Foo, Bar>().ForMember(x => x.Blarg, opt => opt.Ignore());

It's in one of the comments at his blog.

UPDATE(from Jamie's comment Jan 4 '19 at 11:11:)

Ignore has been replaced with DoNotValidate in ForSourceMember: https://github.com/AutoMapper/AutoMapper/blob/master/docs/8.0-Upgrade-Guide.md