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How do you do "inline functions" in C#? I don't think I understand the concept. Are they like anonymous methods? Like lambda functions?

Note: The answers almost entirely deal with the ability to inline functions, i.e. "a manual or compiler optimization that replaces a function call site with the body of the callee." If you are interested in anonymous (a.k.a. lambda) functions, see @jalf's answer or What is this 'Lambda' everyone keeps speaking of?.

Best Solution

Finally in .NET 4.5, the CLR allows one to hint/suggest1 method inlining using MethodImplOptions.AggressiveInlining value. It is also available in the Mono's trunk (committed today).

// The full attribute usage is in mscorlib.dll,
// so should not need to include extra references
using System.Runtime.CompilerServices; 


void MyMethod(...)

1. Previously "force" was used here. I'll try to clarify the term. As in the comments and the documentation, The method should be inlined if possible. Especially considering Mono (which is open), there are some mono-specific technical limitations considering inlining or more general one (like virtual functions). Overall, yes, this is a hint to compiler, but I guess that is what was asked for.

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