C# – Interacting with avatar using Kinect and Unity


I want to move the avatar based on the movement the player using kinect and Unity, are there any good tutorials?

We are using unity and Kinect interface to create a simple application. Based on the movement of the player we need to move the avatar.

We are supposed to use Unity with GAKUNITY, No OpenNI or any third party tools.

Are there any good tutorials for GakUnity with Kinect?

GAK means Gadget Accelerator Kit

We just want to move any avatar with player movement in front of kinect interface. Even help in hand movement also highly appreciated.

You can also share useful links or books regarding to unity and kinect programming.

Best Solution

Custom Kinect Gesture Recognition using OpenNI and Unity3D

A tipster has tipped a lil tipple my way in the form of custom gesture recognition for the Kinect using OpenNI and Unity 3D. What this allows you to do is create you own custom gesture that are recognized by the kinect through the software interface.

Unity and Kinect tutorial

For this chapter, we are going to be using a very popular game engine called Unity. By integrating OpenNI, Nite and Sensor Kinect into Unity we will control a 3d character and multiple user interfaces. After we cover the main Components, we will build an example of each from the bottom up.

Kinect Wrapper Example Project

This scene shows you how a skeleton is generated / tracked by placing spheres at each of the bones tracked by the Kinect, and how to use kinect to control your model. Use this to get a feel for what the Kinect is capable of. It also shows you how to prepare your GameObjects

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