C# – Is C++ .NET dying


I heard somewhere that Microsoft will be focusing their efforts on C# rather than C++ for the .NET platform. I can see signs of this being true because of the GUI designer that was available for C# but not C++.

So I would like to know if C++ in .NET is dying and if it will continue to be second to C# in the future.

Best Solution

If you are targeting the .NET framework in application development then yes C++/CLI is a second class citizen compared to C#. C# was specifically designed as the language for .NET framework meanwhile C++/CLI extension is there to allow developers to bridge native and managed code.

However do not confuse C++ with C++/CLI (C++ .NET is the same thing...). C++ is alive and well in areas such as the kernel, games, high-performance and server apps (e.g. SQL server) all of which are unlikely to change. On the other hand most .NET 'GUI stuff' won't use C++.