Wcf – Is it possible to serialize objects without a parameterless constructor in WCF


I know that a private parameterless constructor works but what about an object with no parameterless constructors?

I would like to expose types from a third party library so I have no control over the type definitions.

If there is a way what is the easiest? E.g. I don't what to have to create a sub type.


What I'm looking for is something like the level of customization shown here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/cc163902.aspx
although I don't want to have to resort to streams to serialize/deserialize.

Best Solution

You can't really make arbitrary types serializable; in some cases (XmlSerializer, for example) the runtime exposes options to spoof the attributes. But DataContractSerializer doesn't allow this. Feasible options:

  • hide the classes behind your own types that are serializable (lots of work)
  • provide binary formatter surrogates (yeuch)
  • write your own serialization core (a lot of work to get right)

Essentially, if something isn't designed for serialization, very little of the framework will let you serialize it.

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