C# – Is the C# 2.0 to C# 3.0 transition worth it for this project?


I have read on Stack Overflow some people that have converting to C#2.0 to C#3, but is it really worth it?

I have a project that is done at 75% before going in maintenance phase. I am asking to myself if it is worth it to switch to C#3.0?


The project will have a web interface now so before entering the maintenance phase we have to develop the web part (all was done for internal purposes with Windows Forms). Most parts will be resused (back-end). Most people have said that it wasn't worth it in the past because it was already at 75%… but now do you still think it's not worth it?

What have been done finally

Finally since we are continuing the project with the web interface we will update to 3.5 for the new year. Thank you everybody for all your input.

Best Solution

No, I would advise not. I would advise starting 3.5 on new projects only, unless there is a specific reason otherwise. You will not have any benefit from 3.5 by just recompiling, since your code is already written (or at least 75% of it).

If you need to migrate to 3.5 in the future, you can easily do it. Of course, you will have code in 2.0 style, but what is done is done.

  • Be conservative, don't do something unless you need it.
  • An application which is 75% in C#2.0 and 25% in C#3.0 is not exactly a nice beast to maintain. A 100% C#2.0 application is certainly more maintainable.

When you are going to start a new project, then by all means switch! The new framework version is very interesting and the switch is hotly recommended.