C# – know more about LinkedList


I'm learning c# , and I reached the LinkedList<T> type and I still need to know more, like when should I use it, how do I create one, how do I to use it. I just want information.

If any one knows a good article about this subject, or if you can show me some examples with explanation, such as how to create, how to add and remove, and how to deal with nodes and elements.

Thanks in advance. I really enjoy asking questions around here with all the pros answering and helping.

[EDIT] Changed reference to LinkedList<T> instead of "array linkedlist." I think this was what was meant based on the context.

Best Solution

You can find more information on LinkedList<T> at MSDN, including an example of how to create and use one. Wikipedia has a reasonable article on linked lists, including their history, usage, and some implementation details.

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