C++ – Learning to work with audio in C++


My degree was in audio engineering, but I'm fairly new to programming. I'd like to learn how to work with audio in a programming environment, partly so I can learn C++ better through interesting projects.

First off, is C++ the right language for this? Is there any reason I shouldn't be using it? I've heard of Soundfile and some other libraries – what would you recommend?

Finally, does anyone know of any good tutorials in this subject? I've learnt the basics of DSP – I just want to program it!

EDIT: I use Windows. I'd like to play about with real-time stuff, a bit like Max/MSP but with more control.

Best Solution

It really depends on what kind of audio work you want to do, If you want to implement audio for a game, C++ is sure the right language. There are many libraries around, OpenAL is great, free and multiplatform. I also used DirectSound and Fmod with great sucess. Check them out, it all depends on your needs.

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