C# – Linking Tortoise SVN revision number to assembly version


I'm developing a program in C# .net in visual studio and version controlling it with tortoise SVN.

at present I'm creating the assembly version based on the build number.

Is there a way I can link the final part of a projects assembly version to the revision number in tortoise SVN instead, eg:

pseudo code:

[assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.0.0."+SvnRevisionNumber.ToString())]

This would ensure that my assemblies were named after, not their build number, but after the last revision number committed to the repository.

Best Solution

What I use is calling a cmd file at the post build event:

@echo off

if %1x==x goto ERROR

SET ProjectDir=%1
SET SubWCRev="C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\SubWCRev.exe"
if exist %SubWCRev% goto USESUBWCREV

REM Default to copying a default version
copy %ProjectDir%\Properties\AssemblyInfo.default.cs %ProjectDir%\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs
echo default
goto END

REM We don't want to modify AssemblyInfo.cs every time, only when a revision
REM changes. Thus, we want to first compare the last compiled revision with
REM the current revision, and only update if they've changed.
%SubWCRev% %ProjectDir% %ProjectDir%\Properties\rev.subwcrev-template %ProjectDir%\Properties\rev.current.tmp
if exist %ProjectDir%\Properties\rev.last-build.tmp goto CHECKREV

REM Fetch the current revision and compare to last-build revision
fc %ProjectDir%\Properties\rev.last-build.tmp %ProjectDir%\Properties\rev.current.tmp > NUL
REM Only update if it's a new revision
if errorlevel 1 goto NEWREV
goto END

REM Current revision doesn't match last-build revision. Update!
echo newRev
if exist %ProjectDir%\Properties\rev.last-build.tmp del %ProjectDir%\Properties\rev.last-build.tmp
copy %ProjectDir%\Properties\rev.current.tmp rev.last-build.tmp
echo use template
%SubWCRev% %ProjectDir% %ProjectDir%\Properties\AssemblyInfo.subwcrev-template.cs %ProjectDir%\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs
echo done
goto END

echo Usage: %0 project_dir
echo For example:
echo    %0 C:\projects\MyProjectDir
goto END