C#, LINQ, SQL: Compound columns


I have a LINQ entity that I need to create a special string value for. It is 7 different values separated by "-". Some of the fields used are in that table, while some of them are in different tables. I would like to add this field to the entity somehow so that I don't have to create this string myself every time I need it.

I was thinking I could add it to the entity with a partial class like this:

    public string SpecialField
            return string.Format("{0}-{1}-{2}-{3}-{4}-{5}-{6}",
                                 ForeignTableB.Number ?? 0);

However, after writing that, I became a bit unsure how that would work. Cause, unless I am mistaken, this would result in a database query every time that value is used for every item. And would it work to for example use that field in a Where clause?

I need to use that field in a Where clause, and I would like it to happen at the server so I don't fetch more data than I need to.

How would you best do this?

Best Solution

You could create a view in the database to this for you. This way SQL Server takes care of it and you can query on it more efficiently