C++ – Making a table with printf in c++


I'm trying to make a table like this…. (Just without the dots I used to separate the each item)

Weekly Payroll:


Ebenezer Scrooge Partner 250.00 ..62.25 .187.75

Bob Cratchit ……….Clerk ……15.00 ….2.00 ..13.00

This is what my code looks like for this part….

for (int count=0; count < numberOfEmployees; count++)
    cout << "Employee: \n";
    cout << "\t Name: ";
    cin.getline (employees[count].name, EMPLOYEESIZE); 

    cout << "\t Title: ";
    cin.getline (employees[count].title, EMPLOYEESIZE);

    cout << "\t SSNum: ";
    cin >> employees[count].SSNum;

    cout << "\t Salary: ";
    cin >> employees[count].Salary;

    cout << "\t Withholding Exemptions: ";
    cin >> employees[count].Withholding_Exemptions; 

    cout << "\n";

double gross;
double tax;
double net;
double adjusted_income;

cout << "\n";

cout << "Weekly Payroll: \nName \t \t Title \t Gross \t Tax \t Net \n";

for (int count=0; count < numberOfEmployees; count++)
    gross = employees[count].Salary;
    adjusted_income = subtraction_times (employees[count].Salary, employees[count].Withholding_Exemptions);
    tax = adjusted_income * .25;
    net = subtraction (gross, tax);

    printf ("\n%s", employees[count].name); 

I have the first part of the table(the name part), but after that I dont know now to do the rest of the table. Can anyone help me?


Best Solution

You can use printf with left-justify flag (-).

printf("%-10s", "title"); // this will left-align "title" in space of 10 characters

Here is a sample program:

#include <string>
using namespace std;

int main()
    string name = "Bob Cratchit";
    string title = "Clerk";
    float gross = 15;
    float tax = 2;
    float net = 13;

    printf("%-25s%-20s%-10s%-10s%-10s\n", "Name", "Title", "Gross", "Tax", "Net"); 
    printf("%-25s%-20s%-10.2f%-10.2f%-10.2f\n", name.c_str(), title.c_str(), gross, tax, net); 
    return 0;


Name                     Title               Gross     Tax       Net
Bob Cratchit             Clerk               15.00     2.00      13.00