C++ mark as deprecated


I have a method in an interface that I want to deprecate with portable C++.
When I Googled for this all I got was a Microsoft specific solution; #pragma deprecated and __declspec(deprecated).

A second prize solution would be to ifdef a MSVC and a GCC solution.

Best Solution

In C++14, you can mark a function as deprecated using the [[deprecated]] attribute (see section 7.6.5 [dcl.attr.deprecated]).

The attribute-token deprecated can be used to mark names and entities whose use is still allowed, but is discouraged for some reason.

For example, the following function foo is deprecated:

void foo(int);

It is possible to provide a message that describes why the name or entity was deprecated:

[[deprecated("Replaced by bar, which has an improved interface")]]
void foo(int);

The message must be a string literal.

For further details, see “Marking as deprecated in C++14”.