C# – MessageBox.Show– font change


I'm using the MessageBox class to show errors to users, and while that might not be the right behavior, it's very convenient. This is a touchscreen application, however, so I need the 'ok' button to be much larger than it is (curse my inordinately large fingers!).

I think that if I increase the font size in the dialog box, I should be ok. Is there a way to do that? Or really, is there any way to increase the dialog size?


Best Solution

As far as I'm aware you can't, as the 'normal' dialog boxes are using your default system font settings.

Roll your own is probably the best way forward. It's fairly trivial to do, and much fun! And you can build in things that the standard dialog doesn't support (without PInvoke magic) such as centering in the middle of the screen etc.