C++ – MFC feature pack – how to update the property grid control


I'm new to MFC and is a bit confused with the new features of "MFC feature pack." Through the wizard I now have an application that looks like an IDE – has a dockable file explorer on the left side and a dockable properties window on the right side. I'm able to get the selected items on the file explorer window through ON_WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK and GetItemText().

Properties window should be "updated" after clicking an item in the file explorer window. Ex. I click an item "button" in the tree control, properties window should show "image", "font", and "color" How can I do that? How do you update the contents of the propertygridCtrl?

Best Solution

To fill the property grid, look at the wizard-generated content. You'd set up a handler for the 'item button' clicked event, clear the grid content, fill it again. Seems an obvious answer so maybe I misunderstood the question.