C# – Moving from Desktop Development to Web Development


Up till now all my programming experience has been desktop development (mostly C/C++ with OpenGL/DirectX) but I'm interested in trying my hand at some web dev.

The two directions I'm considering are Ruby on Rails and ASP.net.

Which is most widely used?

Which would be a more marketable skill to have?


Best Solution

Why don't you take a few days or a week to experiment with Rails, just for fun? You might, like many other devs before, find a real liking for it and 'fall in love' with Ruby and revitalize your programming interest. If not you just embrace ASP.net which will feel more natural to you anyway.

Other commenters have not mentioned that the number 1 advantage of both Ruby and Rails is 'pleasure of programming'.

Alsa these days talented Ruby programmers are in very high demand. There is much more demand than supply. You can do the math as far as earning potential.