C# – Open source C# vt100 server


Does anyone know of an open source C# vt100 server? I'm looking to create a C# server that understands the escape sequences from a vt100 client.

Best Solution

This takes me waaaay back. I... don't think it's the server, but the application, that needs to understand the escape sequences.

The server only needs to pass them to the application that's running.

Think of a text-based application. It needs to know what the user is sending to it so that it can send back the proper response. The terminal server you're talking about sits between the application and the user, acting as part of the communication layer. What the server can (and should) do is send a request for terminal type and parse the result to make sure it's talking to a VT100. But, beyond that (even logging in is another application), I'd leave it to the application to respond to commands coming down the wire.

Another way to look at it: imagine the server is up and running. What will it dump a user to? The C:\? That's telnet. What good would a VT100 escape sequence do at a DOS prompt? Not a lot (a DOS prompt is really "command.com" talking back to the user - the "application" I was talking about earlier; telnet isn't interpreting the escape sequences, it's simply passing them to command.com and command.com spits out the response).