C# Panel As MDI Container


In C# i want to create a panel that has the properties of a MDI container ie. isMdiContainer = true.

I tried something like this

form.MDIParent = this.panel1;

But that dont work. Any suggestions?

Best Solution

It is possible to create an MDI-panel and show forms in that panel, something like the code below will do the job

Mdi-Panel definiton:

public class MdiClientPanel : Panel
    private Form mdiForm;
    private MdiClient ctlClient = new MdiClient();

    public MdiClientPanel()

    public Form MdiForm
            if (this.mdiForm == null)
                this.mdiForm = new Form();
                /// set the hidden ctlClient field which is used to determine if the form is an MDI form
                System.Reflection.FieldInfo field = typeof(Form).GetField("ctlClient", System.Reflection.BindingFlags.NonPublic | System.Reflection.BindingFlags.Instance);
                field.SetValue(this.mdiForm, this.ctlClient);
            return this.mdiForm;


/// mdiChildForm is the form that should be showed in the panel
/// mdiClientPanel is an instance of the MdiClientPanel
myMdiChildForm.MdiParent = mdiClientPanel1.MdiForm;