C# – Plot ECG in Winforms


i have no previous experience in plotting in winforms, in one form i want to plot ecg. or lets say a sin wave or any wave function in a specific area, but what i am doing is e.c.g.. rest of the form will be normal form with buttons and labels,

can anybody be nice enough to through in a tutorial


Best Solution

You have few choices, you can write your own control, that will process data and render it. For more complicated plots, that can be a bit complicated, but the basics are always the same, setting X and Y values ranges and then just draw a line using GDI going from left to right, nothing fancy.
As this can get a bit complicated for more advanced features, you could use some charting controls, I'd read this post or check codeproject.com, I remember, that I saw few attempts to write some decent charting controls, which are open source, new articles will probably be coded in WPF, but you should find something older as well.
Some links that you can find useful: Graph plotting lib that's main goal is to simulate ECG or another graph plotting lib

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