C# popularity industry-wide or is SO atypical?


I feel I'm a well rounded programmer, I'm comfortable in C# and java (several large projects with both) but I tend to use C++ for most applications when I have a choice. (and sometimes R,Python, or Perl as appropriate..)

But I am astounded to see the popularity of C# here on SO. There are 18500 C# topics, more than C, C++, and java combined. I've never felt C# as having such an impact in the companies I've worked with but the SO popularity of C# is undeniable.

My question:
Why is C# so popular on Stack Overflow? My question is not so much a SO question as a desire to understand C#'s current acceptance/growth compared to C++ and java.

Possible explanations for the popularity:

  • C# is truly that popular and accepted in industry, it's everywhere!
  • SO is not typical, it seems to have attracted a disproportionate number of C# users
  • C# has more questions/confusions that tend to need community help to solve
  • Microsoft (maybe on its forums?) encourages people to use SO for questions

The first explanation is likely the reason, but I just haven't felt that popularity in the real world!

What's your reason you discuss C# topics here?

Best Solution

I think the founders of SO are .Net gurus. Most of the people who follow their blogs found out about the site, and started coming here. The original user base was probably pretty .Net/C# focused.

I also think that C# is the preferred language in .Net with it's interop and ability to use old C and C++ code. Those familiar with C, C++, and Java can easily get a useful application built and working in C#, and be pretty certain it will run on any system with the proper .Net framework installed.

And, C# sounds cool.

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