C# – Problem adding GAC reference to VS2008 project


Okay, so this isn't strictly a programming question, but it is a programming-related question.

I have a C# winforms project that I am trying to add a reference to the System.Messaging dll.

However, when I add the reference (from the .net tab of the Add References dialog), it shows up with a yellow exclamation warning.

Right-clicking on other references will allow me to view them in the object browser. Right clicking on the System.Messaging reference will not.

Here's the kicker though… If I click on another reference and scroll through the list in the object browser, I can see the System.Messaging entry.

I tried a variety of things to fix this so far, including a forced reinstall of the dll in the GAC using gacutil, but it's still not working.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this?
If I need to provide more information, please leave the specific information request in the comments.

Note. The operating system is Vista.

Best Solution

I managed to find the solution after some creative googling.

On the project settings, there is a checkbox marked "Client-only framework subset".

Unchecking that checkbox did the trick.