C++ – Profiler for Visual Studio 2008, C++


Are there any good, free (or at least reasonably cheap)
profilers for at least native C++ that can integrate with
Visual Studio 2008 Professional?

I looked at DevPartner community edition but they
seem to only support Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.

Failing that are there any good free/cheap profilers in
general that I can get working with VS with relativly little

Best Solution

At my workplace we use AQTime. It's not free ($600 or 30-day trial) but it really works wonders. I like it because it can handle both native (we do C++) and managed code. It works in stand-alone mode, integrates with Visual Studio, and also works with Borland's IDE (for those C++ Builder and Delphi fans out there).

But I will be watching this question to see if there are any free tools I can use at home =)

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