C# Program in Windows 7 moves Panels around


I have an application I have been working on for a while in VS2008 developing in Windows XP and it has some panels placed in specific spots so the borders line up and look nice and pretty. Now that I have switched to developing in 7, as far as I can tell everything else is in the same place but it moves both panels over a little bit and one up and one down and messes up my nice borders. Since it still works correctly in XP I'm assuming this is a 7 problem or a VS problem with 7. Anyone have an idea whats going on or if its fixable?

Best Solution

So I figured it out. Turns out the client area wasn't narrower, however the titlebar which is part of the dialog box border was two different sizes in XP and 7. Since the panels were in an mdi child, where the border was not shown because it was underneath the parent, the size of the titlebar part of the border was making a difference in the location my panels were shown relative to the parent. To solve this I set FormBorderStyle to none on the child and re-positioned the panels to be in the correct spot without that titlebar. It now looks the same in XP and 7 since that variable bar size is gone.

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