C# – ReSharper “Cannot resolve symbol” even when project builds


My Tools:

Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate + Update 1

ReSharper v7.1.25.234

My Solution Build Status: Build Successfully

But when I install ReSharper and ReSharper code analysis is enable, many keywords of my code are red with this error:

"Cannot resolve symbol XXX"

Enter image description here

Another picture of my project >>

The ReSharper “CANNOT RESOLVE SYMBOL” errors are everywhere, but my project build process is successfully, and it works correctly.

Enter image description here

Additional Note: If I disable ReSharper Code Analysis, my project will be Normal, but I want to use ReSharper code analysis.

I tried ReSharper → OptionsGeneralClear Cache. But I still have this problem!

  • One month ago, I got these errors when I uninstalled Visual Studio 2012 RC and installed VS 2012 RTM.

  • I've already uninstalled and installed ReSharper again. But I have this problem yet!

  • My solution has five projects >> two loaded projects (main project + resource project) and three unloaded projects

I realize that my Visual Studio also has bigger problems (More information on Stack Overflow)

  • I can't add any reference to my projects (even inside new solutions and new projects)

  • I can't install any package (by "Packet Manager Console" or Manage NuGet Package)

  • I can't update any package (by "Packet Manager Console" or Manage NuGet Package)

I've done a lot of suggestions (of myself and others)

  • Re-resister some DLL files

  • Using some windows and registry repair tools

  • Remove ReSharper

  • Repair Visual Studio

  • and…

But I could not solve it.

I'm thinking of installing a new Windows 🙁

What is wrong, and how can I fix it?

Best Solution

Try Visual Studio → menu ToolsOptionsReSharper, Suspend button and Resume again (no need to close the window). This works in my case.