C# – Round Off decimal values in C#


how do i round off decimal values ?
Example :

decimal Value = " 19500.98"

i need to display this value to textbox with rounded off like " 19501 "

if decimal value = " 19500.43"


value = " 19500 "

Best Solution

Look at Math.Round(decimal) or the overload which takes a MidpointRounding argument.

Of course, you'll need to parse and format the value to get it from/to text. If this is input entered by the user, you should probably use decimal.TryParse, using the return value to determine whether or not the input was valid.

string text = "19500.55";
decimal value;
if (decimal.TryParse(text, out value))
    value = Math.Round(value);
    text = value.ToString();
    // Do something with the new text value
    // Tell the user their input is invalid