C# – Simple self-contained SNMP Agent example? (java/c# ideal)


After not having a whole bunch of luck finding any SNMP libraries for .NET that can act as SNMP agents (that can be used in an OSS project – meaning proprietary libs are out), I am now looking at implementing a simple SNMP agent class in C#.

Can anyone provide any good examples or reference implementations of an SNMP agent (ideally nice & self contained), that I can use as a porting reference? Language isnt too important – but the simpler the better.


Best Solution

My open source project #SNMP Suite has a tiny project named "TestAgent". It is a WinForms based small utility to test out very basic SNMP agent functionality. This is what I use to test out #SNMP MIB Browser.

It is far from mature. But if you like, it shows how to use #SNMP library to send and receive SNMP packets.

If you want to port something from other languages, snmp4j has a test agent too in Java.


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