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I was just assigned a project to do in C in my class, but my professor didn't teach anything about C, so I'm just trying to learn as I go.

How do I assign values to different parts of a node?

The main code that runs I have is: (This was given in the assignment)

Node n2, n3, n4, times, plus;

setNode(&n2, 2, NULL, NULL, true);
setNode(&n3, 3, NULL, NULL, true);
setNode(&n4, 4, NULL, NULL, true);


setNode(&times, '*', &n3, &n4, true);
setNode(&plus,  '+', &n2, &times, true);

printf("  Tree evaluation: %d\n\n", eval(&plus));

and in the header file:

typedef struct Node_t {
    int             value;
    struct Node_t   *left;
    struct Node_t   *right;
} Node, *Node_p;

What I have so far for setNode is:

void setNode(Node_p np,
         int    value,
         Node_p left,
         Node_p right,
         bool   display) {


How do I fill in the values for left and right? And how do I access them in another method eval?

I've been googling for days and can't figure out what I'm exactly looking for. I know Obj-C pretty well, but this is just over my head. Any answers or links to resources would be awesome.

Best Solution

Given a Node_p which is a pointer to a struct Node_t, you can access members of the object using the arrow operator (->). So within the setNode() function, you can access left and right the same way you accessed value and set their values.

void setNode(Node_p np,
     int    value,
     Node_p left,
     Node_p right,
     bool   display) {

    np->value = value; /* sets the value field */
    np->left = left;   /* sets the left field */
    np->right = right; /* sets the right field */
    /* and so on... */

Note that the arrow operator can be used to access members if you have a pointer to any struct or union object in general.

Looking at how eval() was used, it looks like it takes a Node_p as well. So to access the members, it's done in exactly the same way also using the arrow operator except you're probably reading values, not setting them.


void eval(Node_p np) {
    int value = np->value;    /* read the value field */
    Node_p left = np->left;   /* read the left field */
    Node_p right = np->right; /* read the right field */
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