C# – this char? 65279 ”


I have two strings.

one is "\""

and the other is "\""

I think that they are same.

However, String.Compare says they are different.

This is very strange.

Here's my code:

string b = "\"";
string c = "\"";

if (string.Compare(b, c) == 0)

if (c.StartsWith("\""))

if (b.StartsWith("\""))

I expected that it may print "GoodCB".

However, it only prints "B".

In my debugger, c[0] is 65279 '' and c[1] is 34 '"'. and b[0] is '"'.

But I don't know what 65279 '' is.

Is it an empty character?

Best Solution

It's a zero-width no-break space.
It's more commonly used as a byte-order mark (BOM).