C# – Upgrading from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0, what to expect


I'm working on a big .NET 1.1 project, and there exists a wish to upgrade this, majorily to be able to use better tools like Visual Studio 2008, but also because of the new features and smaller amount of bugs in the .NET 2.0 framework.

The project consist for the bigger part of VB.NET, but there are also parts in C#. It is a Windows Forms application, using various third party controls. Using .NET remoting the rich client talks to a server process which interfaces with a MSSQL 2000 database.

What kind of issues can we expect in case we decide to perform the upgrade?

Best Solution

There is a change to the theading model in .Net 2.0 onwards where unhandled exceptions in a thread will cause the whole app to terminate. I ran into this when updating an app that did lots of threading and occasionally crashed. Obviously the .Net 2.0 model is more robust as you should certainly be catching these anyway, but it was the only really issue I came across when making the migration.

This article talks all about it: http://odetocode.com/blogs/scott/archive/2005/12/14/2618.aspx