C# – Using a variable name used in a child scope


I've been wondering why in C# using a variable name used previously in a child scope is not allowed. Like this:

if (true)
    int i = 1;

int i = 2;

Compiling the above code produces an error:

A local variable named 'i' cannot be
declared in this scope because it
would give a different meaning to 'i',
which is already used in a 'child'
scope to denote something else

And yet you can't use the variable defined in child scope either. The code above works just fine in Java and I can see no reason why it doesn't in C# too. I'm sure there's a good reason, but what is it?

Best Solution

It is a design choice made by the designers of C#. It reduces potential ambiguity.

You can use it in one of the two places, inside the if or outside, but you can only define it in one place. Otherwise, you get a compiler error, as you found.