C++ – using fstream to read every character including spaces and newline


I wanted to use fstream to read a txt file.

I am using inFile >> characterToConvert, but the problem is that this omits any spaces and newline.

I am writing an encryption program so I need to include the spaces and newlines.

What would be the proper way to go about accomplishing this?

Best Solution

Probably the best way is to read the entire file's contents into a string, which can be done very easily using ifstream's rdbuf() method:

std::ifstream in("myfile");

std::stringstream buffer;
buffer << in.rdbuf();

std::string contents(buffer.str());

You can then use regular string manipulation now that you've got everything from the file.

While Tomek was asking about reading a text file, the same approach will work for reading binary data, though the std::ios::binary flag needs to be provided when creating the input file stream.