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VC++ 6.0 Project

After Completing my project i created the project EXE ,using Create Installer,

But the problem is without vc++ 6.0 software the EXE project it will not execute ,

it shows error:

This application has failed to sart because MFC42.DLL has not found,Re-installing the application may fix this.

When i insatll vc++ 6.0 software then it will fine no error.

plz any body help me that the without the vc++ 6.0 s/w the project must be execute.

or plz tell me how to make the project EXE(setup)

Best Solution

Check if mfc42.dll is freely distributable. I think it's part of Microsoft's runtime libs, and thus should be legal to redistribute, but you need to verify this (unless someone else can verify it).

Then just include that dll with your setup, so that the dll is in the same folder the exe is started from.