C# – versioning serialized files


I've got a working app that serializes a document (of type IDocument) to disk. From there there's another app that I've made that can open that document (IDocument implements IPrintDocument) for viewing.

Let's assume that I've written an IDocument to disk, and then a week later a field gets added to the IDocument object. Both the program that writes the files and the one that opens them are updated with this new 'version' of IDocument. It will then break (I assume – haven't had a chance to check, I'm looking ahead here) when trying to open the previous IDocument version. Is there a known pattern that alleviates this kind of problem?

Best Solution

Yes - use a serialization mechanism which is tolerant to versioning.

Predictably enough, I'm going to suggest using Google's Protocol Buffers, for which there are at least two viable .NET implementations. So long as you're careful, Protocol Buffers are both backward and forward compatible - you can read a new message with old code and vice versa, and the old code will still be able to preserve the information it doesn't understand.

Another alternative is XML, whether using .NET's built-in XML serialization or not. The built-in serialization isn't particularly flexible in terms of versioning as far as I'm aware.

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