C# – Visual Studio Code IntelliSense suggestions don’t pop up automatically


I followed the install instructions in https://code.visualstudio.com, but when I write C# code, the IntelliSense suggestions don't pop up automatically, so I must trigger it by using shortcut Command+Space, meanwhile, the suggestions are just from the code I wrote.

Here is the screen capture below:

enter image description here

I checked in https://code.visualstudio.com/Docs/editingevolved, VSCode do support C# IntelliSense.

I don't think it is bug, maybe I did something wrong when installing VSCode. How to solve this problem?

Best Solution

To activate IntelliSense on a .NET project:

  1. Open project folder: File->Open folder...
  2. Click on the flame on your bottom left corner, pick your project click on the flame
  3. IntelliSense activated! IntelliSense is now activated!

From what I've seen, IntelliSense cannot be activated on a .cs file alone. (See @natemcmaster's answer).