C# – Warning number guide in Visual C# 2008


What is a good resource for finding out the warning numbers in Visual C# 2008. I found this page: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/4wtxwb6k.aspx but it's very hard to sort through the warning numbers.

I am trying to figure out which warning number to use for the warning disable pragma:


Specifically, I am trying to find the one related to Missing XML comments for publicly visible types.

Best Solution

It's CS1591. Just press F1 on the warning location to view MSDN documentation for it.

You can resolve this specific warning either by:

  • Reducing warning level (it's a level 4 warning)
  • Removing /doc switch (which will stop XML file generation)
  • Disable the warning using #pragma directive
  • Disable the warning using /nowarn:1591 switch