C# – What characters are allowed in C# class name


What characters are allowed and what is not allowed in a C# class name? Could you please help?

EDIT: To specify. What special characters are allowed? Please be specific, because links to 50 pages specs in high-technical language is not an answer that will help me a lot.

EXPLANATION: What I try to accomplish is to divide class name into distinguishable parts for example:

class Person@WorkOffice@Helper@Class



And I think about a way of using some kind of character or something else to be able to get parts Person, WorkOffice, Helper and Class from this class name.

And yes, I know it's crazy, but I need it that way. I know that I can use attributes and reflection to store this data in class meta but this is not the case, so please don't suggest this solution.

Best Solution

The spec details are here. Essentially, any unicode character (including unicode escapes) in the character classes Lu, Ll, Lt, Lm, Lo, Nl, Mn, Mc, Nd, Pc, and Cf. The first character is an exception and it must be a letter (classes Lu, Ll, Lt, Lm, or Lo) or an underscore. Also, if the identifier is a keyword, you must stick an @ in front of it. The @ is optional otherwise.