C# – What’s the best ASP.NET file type for a (non-SOAP, non-WSDL) web services project


Haven't done ASP.NET development since VS 2003, so I'd like to save some time and learn from other's mistakes.

Writing a web services app, but not a WSDL/SOAP/etc. — more like REST + XML.

Which of the many "New Item" options (Web Form, Generic Handler, ASP.NET Handler, etc.) makes the most sense if I want to handle different HTTP verbs, through the same URI, separately. In a perfect world, I'd like the dispatching done declaratively in the code rather than via web.config — but if I'm making life too hard that way, I'm open to change.

Best Solution

If you're not using the built in web services (.asmx), then you should probably use a generic handler (.ashx).