C# – Where to start with ASP.net in C# and Dreamweaver


I am looking to start working on a personal site using C#. I work as a web developer and have used VBScript previously and am using Coldfusion now at work. I use Dreamweaver for development in these languages.

I have read a lot of people recommending that you should use a MS IDE to develop in .net and that C# is the way to go in terms of the language. I would like to stick with Dreamweaver as I feel I would be taking on a bit too much to learn how to use a new IDE and a new language at the same time.

Will using something like Visual Studio help with developing in .net so much that it is worth the effort of changing from Dreamweaver?
If so which IDE would be best to learn with?

If I choose to stick with Dreamweaver is there any recommendations you can make as to how to best setup Dreamweaver for easy development?

Best Solution

I believe not. Dreamweaver is not a good tool for developing code. This is what you need in ASP.NET. You'll need debugging. You'll enjoy IntelliSense, and you can always open single files in Dreamweaver occasionally (which I doubt you would, anyway).

Grab Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web (which is free) and enjoy. It's a Windows app, like many other Windows apps! You don't need professional training to use it.