C# – Which database would you recommend to use with C# (.NET) application


I'm developing a little project plan and I came to a point when I need to decide what local databse system to use.

The input data is going to be stored on webserver (hosting – MySQL DB). The idea is to build a process to download all necessary data (for example at midnight) and process them. However, there are going to be many inputs and stages of processing, so I need to use some kind of local database to store the semi-product of the application

What local database system would you recommend to work with C# (.NET) application?

edit: The final product (information) should be easily being exported back to Hosting MySQL DB.

As Will mentioned in his answer – yes, I'm for a performance AND comfort of use.

Best Solution

I want to say Microsoft Sql 2005 Express, as it (almost) comes as the obvious choice when developing in .NET.

But it all depends on what previous db skills you have. If you already know MySql and as you already said, the data should be exported back to MySql. Why not use MySql all the way?