C# – Why does Assert.IsInstanceOfType(0.GetType(), typeof(int)) fail


I'm kind of new to unit testing, using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;

The 0.GetType() is actually System.RuntimeType, so what kind of test do I need to write to pass Assert.IsInstanceOfType(0.GetType(), typeof(int))?

— following up, this is my own user error… Assert.IsInstanceOfType(0, typeof(int))

Best Solution

Change the call to the following

Assert.IsInstanceOfType(0, typeof(int));

The first parameter is the object being tested, not the type of the object being tested. by passing 0.GetType(), you were saying is "RunTimeType" an instance of System.int which is false. Under the covers thes call just resolves to

if (typeof(int).IsInstanceOfType(0))