C# – Why is File.Open so much better than File.Create for overwriting an existing file


This is in relation to this other SO question which asks how to overwrite an existing file.

The top answer is this:

FileStream file = File.Open("text.txt", FileMode.Create);

My answer was this:

FileStream fs = System.IO.File.Create(fileName);

As of when I wrote this question, the tally was 14-0 in favor of Open.

If votes are an indication of good versus bad solutions, this makes me wonder a bit:

Is there something I'm missing in
these methods that would make it
clearly that much better to choose
Open over Create?

Best Solution

To me, I know exactly what File.Open("...", FileMode.Create) does because I can hover over FileMode.Create and it tells me that is will create a new file each time. File.Create("...") has no such tool tip that indicates that it will do this.

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