C# – Windows – Can console output inadvertently cause a system beep


I have a C# console application that logs a lot to the console (using Trace). Some of the stuff it logs is the compressed representation of a network message (so a lot of that is rendered as funky non-alphabetic characters).

I'm getting system beeps every so often while the application is running. Is it possible that some "text" I am writing to the console is causing them?

(By system beep, I mean from the low-tech speaker inside the PC case, not any kind of Windows sound scheme WAV)

If so, is there any way to disable it for my application? I want to be able to output any possible text without the it being interpreted as a sound request.

Best Solution

If you don't want if to beep, you'll either have to replace the 0x7 character before outputting it, or disable the "Beep" device driver, which you'll find in the Non-Plug and Play Drivers section, visible if you turn on the Show Hidden Devices option. Or take the speaker out.