C# – Windows Service Config File C#


I've developed a windows service application using Visual Studio 2008 / C#.

I have an app.config file in the project. When installed, the app.exe.config file appears beside the executable but it appears not to be reading the values from it when I try to access them through ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.

Has it copied the config file elsewhere or is there some other problem I don't know about?

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The config file name is infact my_exe_file_name.exe.config, it looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

    <add key="RuntimeFrequency" value="3" />


and I am trying to read via:


The debug value I continually see is '1' and not '3'. Am I doing something wrong here?

Best Solution

I located the error and it was related to file permissions. After installing the service, my local user account didn't have access to modify the app.exe.config file.

The tool I was using to edit was not informing me it was being denied access to save the file - that's notepad++ if anyone is interested - so I couldn't see that it wasn't saving over the old config file.

Solved now, thanks everyone.