C# – WPF dependency property return value


I'm fairly new to WPF.

Suppose I defined an int dependency property. The purpose of the DP is to return the value+1 (see code).
In .Net 2.0 I would have written:

private int _myValue = 0;
    public int MyValue
        get { return _myValue + 1; }
        set { _myValue = value; }

How would you declare a DP that achieves similar behavior?

The Coercion that was offered works only for the Set operation. I would like to modify the Get result.

Best Solution

You would achieve it indirectly like this:

public static readonly DependencyProperty ValueProperty =
    DependencyProperty.Register("Value", typeof(int), typeof(OwnerClass),
        new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(0, null, new CoerceValueCallback(CoerceValue)));

public int Value
    get { return (int)GetValue(ValueProperty); }
    set { SetValue(ValueProperty, value); }

private static object CoerceValue(DependencyObject d, object value)
    return (int) value + 1;

Check this link for an explanation about coercion.