C# – XPath and XPathSelectElement


I have the following xml

      <db1 name="Name1" />
      <db2 name="Name2" server="myserver" />
      <db3 name="Name3" />

I've tried everything to read the name of the db2 (="Name2") with all possible combinations of XPath queries, but never get the expected result.

My Code so far:

var query = "root/databases/db2.. "; // here I've tried everything 
var doc = XDocument.Load("myconfig.xml");
var dbName =  doc.XPathSelectElement(query);

What's the correct query to get my "Name2" (the value of the Attribute) ?

Thanks for your help.

Best Solution

The XPathSelectElement method can only be used to select elements, not attributes.

For attributes, you need to use the more general XPathEvaluate method:

var result = ((IEnumerable<object>)doc.XPathEvaluate("root/databases/db2/@name"))

// result == "Name2"